The Ultimate Survivor Dental Pack



Everything you need to maintain good dental health

  • Package includes:
    • 1 Colon Detox #2
    • 1 Mountain Nutrition
    • 1 Tooth and Gum
    • 2 Herbal Calcium Plus
    • 1 Echinacea Plus


For many of us health-minded people, staying away from the dentist is harder than avoiding the doctor’s office.

We have been brainwashed to believe that teeth can’t heal themselves. Yet, if our damaged skin can heal and broken bones can mend, why can’t teeth also repair themselves, given the right environment?

The fact is THEY CAN! Your dentist does not want you to know this, but it is possible for you to heal your decayed teeth and sensitive gums without the help of your dentist, and for a fraction of the cost! Is it any wonder dentists don’t want you to know this?!

We have put together a dental care package to help you maintain your dental health, as well as allowing you to be armed in the event of a tooth ache or other dental emergency.

  • Colon Detox #2: to be applied over the area or abscess in the mouth to draw out the infection. This amazing product harnesses the power of charcoal and bentonite clay, amongst other ingredients, to help remove the infection from your mouth.
  • Echinacea Plus: helps your immune system to go into fighting mode and kill off any infection in your mouth. This product can be taken internally, as well as applied topically to the area for extra infection-fighting power!
  • Tooth and Gum Herbal Mouthwash: includes a combination of carefully-chosen ingredients to tighten gums; reverse receding gum lines; kill infection and relieve your pain; increase blood circulation around the mouth; freshen your breath and reduce inflammation. Unlike commercial mouth washes which merely mask the problem (and contain harmful ingredients), this product actively works to restore your oral health.
  • Herbal Calcium Plus:┬áthis plant-based calcium is easily assimilated by the body, to help you remineralise your teeth and bones, thus reversing cavities and dental decay. This product also helps in maintaining nerve health, preventing cramps, and creating strong bones, veins and arteries.
  • Mountain Nutrition: with many holistic dentists believing that diet plays a large part in our oral health, taking a good plant-based supplement is crucial if we want to stay away from the dentist’s chair. Our Mountain Nutrition contains some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, to keep our bodies and our mouths healthy.

Additional information

Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 16 cm