Enjoy a hard hitting consultation with America’s best herbal healer.

Your body is just waiting to heal itself. The only thing getting in its way is you!

Our bodies are in a perpetual state of healing. We need to help them along in the healing process instead of fighting the symptoms.

What you will get is:

  • A detailed history analysis of your lifestyle
  • A health building program tailored just for you
  • Learn how to overcome any disease
  • Learn why you have been struck by your illness and what caused it

There are many more benefits that you can take away with a session. There are fascinating things like:

  • Learn how to heal your kids and other loved ones
  • Fight off any infection or inflammation
  • Beat high blood pressure or heart disease
  • Reduce or even reverse diabetes
  • Always stop constipation
  • Heal IBS
  • Eliminate UTI’s

PLUS, you get one free 15 minute follow up consultation for any questions if you have purchased the 1 hour consult.

NOTE: the 1 hour consult is not strictly 1 hour. Sometime it will take a little more time to determine the best plan for you. If that is the case there is no worries about going over the hour. It is still the same price.


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